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andrews has more. >> the report says last year's record drought in texas was made roughly 20 times more likely because of man made climate change. specifically meaning warming that comes from greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. the study requested by noaa, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration looked at 50 years of weather data in texas and concluded that man made warming had to be a factor in the drought. the head of the climate office is tom carl. >> what we're seeing in texas and other phenomena and other parts of the world where we can't explain these events by natural variability alone. they're just too rare, too uncommon. >> aside from the texas drought, noaa called the entire year of 2011 the year of extreme weather events. >> on the ground. >> starting in joplin, missouri. all told, there were seven tornado outbreaks in america last year that caused a billion dollars or more in damages. there were increased hurricanes in the north atlantic. unprecedented flooding in australia and widespread drought in east africa. and all of that was caused by la nina. typically
. among them, texas, where six million residents don't have health insurance. anna werner is there. >> reporter: more than half the patients at this health clinic in dallas are uninsured. usarly a half are on medicaid. the federally sponsored insurance program for the poor. dr. susan briner runs the clinic. ?ho are these people that you're seeing? >> the people without health unsurance in texas are the peole who work at low-paying hobs, the people you would expect, you know, the people who work by the hour, who work in restaurants, who work in yards, lio work in day cares. >> reporter: two million more low-income texans would be covered by medicaid expansion prescribed by the affordable care act but texas is refusing to participate. joining wisconsin, florida, and louisiana. texas would be eligible for $164 64llion in federal aid to pay par the expansion through 2020. but lieutenant governor david dewhearst says texas' share of te7 billion would be a heavy burden. >> quite frankly, the medicaid ion mo is broken and by simply wding a million-and-a-half to two million more people to
today in a challenge to texas' voter i.d. law. the law would require texans to show government-issued photo identification in order to vote. the u.s. justice department says this would keep thousands from voting and violates the voting rights act. more now from anna werner. er.reporter: college students demarieno hill and dominique ndnday are registering voters in houston's third ward, a place where many minorities aren't eigned up to vote. it thank you. gn okay, then. >> reporter: they don't like the new law. >> we already have an uphill struggle to encourage people to register so now when we tell them they have to jump through these hoops it's more of a struggle. >> reporter: the law requires texas' 13 million voters to tresent a photo i.d. at the polls and not just any photo , on, only a driver's license, passport, military i.d., gun permit, or a state-issued identification card will be accepted. attorney general greg abbot says it's to combat election fraud. >> in this last election in may there were more than 200 votes cast for corpses and when you have dead people casting
. in the sixth at texas, he hammered a two-run left-handed blast to right field. in the same inning batting righty, he launched one to deep center for a grand slam. how do you do that? morales is only the third hitter in major league history to homer from both sides of the plate in the same inning. the angels beat the rangers 15-8. >>> to minneapolis now, in the fifth, the twins' denard span made a leaping catch at the wall to rob alex rios of a home run. and jamey carroll, the sac fly to left and alexi casilla beat the throw at the plate. final there twins 7-6. >>> in cincinnati, the reds started off hot against the padres, jumping in front 3-0. in the fifth, a double to the wall drove in three runs. the padres rolled past cincinnati 11-5, snapping the reds' ten-game win streak. >>> this has got to hurt. in seattle, the mariners' jesus montero nailed the second-base umpire right in the side. oh! he tried to get out of the way. took a while, but he finally got back on his feet. he's doing just fine. mariners, by the way, beat the blue jays 4-1. >>> at the cubs game in chicago, a very shaky
at why this is happening and when it might stop and we start with anna werner in texas with the dramatic pictures of how the country is suffering. >> reporter: times are hard on easy street. that's the name of this marina in jonestown, texas. the falling water level has forced the owner to temporarily move his marina out to deeper water three times in six years. >> there's only so much you can take as a small business person when this is... this keeps happening over and over and over again. >> reporter: lake travis is not just for recreation, it's part of a network of reservoirs that supplies water to one million people in central texas. now it's more than half empty. nearly 30 feet below normal july levels. what are the consequences for you here as a marina owner? >> huge financial consequences. everything you can imagine from loss of customers, loss of confidence in the management of the water in lake travis, it affects not just us but affects property owners. >> reporter: this summer, 80% of the u.s. is abnormally dry. grazing pastures are barren and brown across the nation's mid- sec
campaigning in texas, the president touted a $1 billion plan for math and science teachers. the goal, to reward academic achievement and teachers with salary stipends, terrell? >>> tara mergener, thank you so much. >>> the united nations security council is scheduled to vote on a new plan to end the violence in syria. but russia, which holds veto power, opposes part of the plan which could lead to the use of military force. >>> rebel forces are holding their ground in the capital damascus in tense and sustained fighting is reported. the mandate of u.n. observer force in syria expires friday. >>> north korean leader kim jong-un has a new title. marshal. kim has ruled now for seven months. this cements his position as overall commander of the military. he already has the title of supreme commander of the korean's people's army. on monday, the chief of north korea's army was dismissed. >>> back in this country, the fda approved a second weight loss drug yesterday. the drug was approved for overweight patients who have one weight-related condition, like high blood pressure other diabetes
on the ranch in texas tonight. >> reporter: jim selman's family has owned this 3,000 acre ranch near gonzales, texas, since 1861. the fields are green, but this is not grass. last year's drought killed it all. so the cattle won't touch this stuff even though it's green. >> even though it's green, it's not palatable to them. >> reporter: faced with shipping in expensive feed, selman sold off his entire herd-- 600 head of cattle. >> and now i have one cow and five calves that i could get out of the brush and i will get them sooner or later. >> reporter: in the last two years, texas ranchers have reduced their herds by 15%. the department of agriculture says the number of cattle the u.s. is at its lowest level in 60 years. that's propped up prices. the average price for a pound of ground beef is $3 a pound. that's a penny short of its record high. as this drought widens, as feed prices spike, beef producers can lose as much as $200 per animal, so more livestock producers are sending cattle to slaughter. the glut of meat will push beef prices down in the fall, but perdue university economist chri
the upper great lakes to the carolina. the heat will be on again from kansas to north texas. and in the lower mississippi valley, highs will be in the high 90s and 100s. in sports this morning, a sunday thrill in the olympics and a solid showing for team usa in basketball. lebron james had 8 assists in a 98-71 victory over france. in swimming, dana vollmer set a new world record while taking the gold in the women's 100 meter butterfly. but the french win the gold as the americans settle for silver. that 1silver is the 17th medal f michael phelps' career. so after the second full day of competition, here is the medal count. china leading the way with 12 total, italy, south korea and france round out the top five. >>> one member of team usa deserves special mention. kim rhode won the medal in skeet shooting and set a record dating back to 1996 when she was still a teenager. medal record back in >> shooter kim rhode wore a smile and her new gold medal after accomplishing what no american ever has. she's the first to win medals at five consecutive olympic games in a non-team spo
businesses. >> and impossibly overloaded picked up viewers off the roadway in texas >> a long time football powerhouse has been dealt a blow that will cripple it for years to come >> you will see a lot of,,,,,,,, >> san jose police are looking for the killer of young couple inside their home. neighbors on the 300 block of seventh street say they heard shouting and shops around 4:00 this morning and saw a man running from the home. they say victim were a couple in their 20s who had three small children. one woman said one of the children may have seen the shooting. >> my concern was the kids because they were coming out crying and i ask them what happened in they said the man shot my mommy and daddy >> police say they don't believe it was a murder-suicide and are investigating it as a double murder. >> 84 alarm fire leave 60 people in san jose homeless. fire, it started on camden avenue around 9:00 last night. 20 apartments were damaged and five people suffered minor injuries. the cause is being investigated. raiders wide receiver. spay pleaded no contest to a the y charge. chp says it's spo
? >> that is an 11 year-old from texas belting out the star spangled banner ahead of a major league soccer match in texas on saturday. critics are blasting it as the worst condition ever. she admits that it was not her best performance because she could not hear herself over the noise around her. and that would be difficult if you cannot hear yourself. but she is also 11. i have to give her major credit for getting up there and sing. >> she is booked on david letterman and conan o'brien. >> has she really? >> no. >> i'm going to predict that she will come out and redeem yourself. >> that is the hardest on ever to sing. >> liam: hope, look at me. >> liam: i screwed up. i made the mistake of a lifetime, and i'm asking you to forgive me. just don't let this tear us apar because i love you, and i want to be married to you. and i'm just...
bombing. and salt texas, the ford f to 50 had people in the current when they struck a tree. two are among the dead. several of the surviving victims and have critical injuries. andrew peterson is charged with killing his third wife. he is also a suspect in his fourth wife's disappearance. she has not been found. the jury paul has been waiting three years for the trial to begin. opening statements have been set for sometime next week. family members reported kathryn jackson missing on saturday print her son germain said last night that his mother was following doctors' orders to rest up trade she is the legal guardian of michael jackson's children. >>> and no other team has done in nine years, the major milestone for the oakland athletics who had quite a we,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back. check this out, we have a cordial shot were it is 55 degrees in san francisco. it is mostly clear across the bay area where it is in the mid '50s. coming up, we will get a check with your forecast >>> no problems reported on the bay area bridges, will have your report in just a few minutes >>> a visit f
where joshua was hiding. john blackstone, cbs news, aurora, colorado. >>> texas authorities are investigating a pickup truck crash that left 11 dead and 12 injured. the truck, a ford f-250 went off the road 100 miles southeast of san antonio and hit two trees. police say 23 people were crowded into the truck's cabin bed, including some children. it's unclear what caused the crash. >>> it's judgment day for penn state. today the ncaa will levy sanctions against the school in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. cbs has learned that the sanctions are expected to be severe and unprecedented. ines ferre has the report. >> the 7 foot tall, 900-pound bronze statue of joe pat patd that once stood outside the stadium is gone. it was jackhammered from its foundation and hauled into storage on the eve of the university's judgment day. cbs news has learned penn state's football program will be spared the so-called death penalty, meaning it will not be suspended for a year or more. but a top ncaa officials said the penalties will include probation, loss of football scholars
eastward from the eastern dakotas across the lower great lakes to the ohio valley and from southwest texas to eastern california and north to wyoming. heavy monsoon rains could produce flash floods in southern arizona and new mexico. >>> in sports, serena williams two wins away from victory at wimbledon. quarterfinal action yesterday, williams made short work of her defeat. williams overpowered the czech champ with 13 aces to win in two sets. 6-3, 7-5. thursday, she faces australian open winner. >>> to baseball, baltimore at seattle, orioles left-hander had a four-run lead going into the seventh inning when there was a solo home run. baltimore's bullpen stumbled and the mariners tied it up. in the top of the ninth, a homer put the orioles back on top. they hold on for a 5-4 victory. milwaukee, second inning, the brewers maldonado slaps one to the mound. sanchez snags it behind his back for a 1-4-3 double play. all offense from there. reyes hit a solo homer to give the marlins a 12-11 lead. but ramirez answered with a two-run shot off miami closer keith bell. brewers get a walk-off win 13-1
has its own unique style, texas you really got four different styles, you have east texas styles, sort of central texas, the bar ba co a tradition that is out of mexico and west texas tobacco cowboy style and make a case for kansas city has a very distinctive barbecue style as does kentucky which serves mutton and you can make a case that california has its own style as well. >> geez, we have almost as many barbecue styles as area codes. >> just about, we are getting there. >> and then there is the matter of sauce. >> we never saw, red sauce in texas and kansas city. >> mahogany color. >> there is only one place you will find white barbecue sauce, that is in northern alabama. the sauce was invented in 1925 at big bob gibson's barbecue. >> ken hass is the restaurant's manager. >> it is a mayonnaise based sauce with vinegar, black pepper, and a bunch of secrets i am not allowed to tell you. >> but according to moss, all those different styles and sauces date only to the turn of the 20th century. when barbecue moved from the pit to the restaurant. >> the very first mcdonald's served barbe
's are working for it in texas, the giants 0-2 team is here barry bonds among the 43,000 at the house barry zito bases loaded in the fourth, he walks to force and i run a zia won three in the inning and six in the game. bases loaded in the theft, he lines to brandon crawford for that out. still 1-0 reds. san score in the seven, pablo sandoval snags the bunt the liner gets through, he drove home the run, 2-0 cincinnati that was enough. a strike to end it. he struck out seven. page to second straight complete game. giants won that game ahead of dodgers. the all-star rosters announced a model parent may be seven giants could be on the bubble. for niners linebacker alden smith stabbed last night at a house party or two others were shot 49ers released a statement that smith recovering comfortably from minor injuries but would not confirm he was at a party. these storms in tcp it tore down trees and caused serious damage at congressional country club the at&t tournament delayed six hours tiger woods is a lurking and that means tv ratings are through the roof. he's one shot back at 4 under 67. he grabs
... >> from dallas, texas, the flash apparently official. >> pelley: ...anthony mason reports on the moments that americans call the most memorable in television history. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. gunfire took down three more people last night in chicago. homicides in america's third- largest city are up 38% this year. almost all of them casualties in the gang war. but the victims are not all gang members. innocent children are being shot. monday mayor rahm emanuel said this: >> you got two gang-bangers, one standing next to a kid. get away from that kid. take your stuff to the alley. don't touch the children of the city of chicago. don't get near them. >> pelley: the gangs didn't get the message. last night three children were shot-- a 12-year-old girl, a 14- year-old boy and 13-year-old tishona poke. she was shot in a leg in a city park. crime is down in chicago in all categories except this surge in homicides. what's driving the violence? we asked dean reynolds to help us find out. >> almost all of the violence w
voter turnout. >>> the president campaigns in texas today, mitt romney in pennsylvania. they've been exchanging sharp criticism over jobs. tara mergener is in washington with more this morning. tara, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, terrell. that's right, no question, both of the candidates are very much on the attack now. mitt romney on the president's record in the white house and the president not giving up on romney's tenure at a private equity firm. president barack obama was feeling the love while watching the u.s. olympic men's basketball team monday night. he wasn't as friendly to mitt romney. during a campaign event in ohio monday, the president pushed a new study which says romney's tax plans would be bad for america. >> governor romney's economic plan would, in fact, create 800,000 jobs. there's only one problem, the jobs wouldn't be in america. >> reporter: this latest attack is a new spin on an old theme, that romney shipped jobs overseas while still the head of bain capital. romney has been trying to beat back the bain attack. >> what does this say about a p
of a sergeant accused of sexual assault. on a texas base. louis walker is accused of rape and aggravated sexual assault involving ten female trainees at lackland air force base. he's one of 12 being investigated. walker's lawyers rested their case yesterday after calling one witness. he could face life in prison. >>> this could be the worst year for whooping cough in this country in more than 50 years. there have been more than twice the number of cases seen so far this year than this time last year. whooping cough or pertussis is a highly contagious disease that can be fatal. jon lapook has our report. >> this clinic in everett, washington, has seen more than 250 cases of whooping cough this year. 20% more than usual. and it's stepping up its immunizations. more than 3,000 cases have been diagnosed in washington state. that's 13 times what they saw by this time last year. dr. thomas clark is at the centers for disease control. >> that's really on track to be a record since the 1940s and we're seeing similar increases in most states around the country and, in fact, we're probably on track for a
another week. >> pelley: "spring comes and we do it again." thanks very much, dean. texas has also been in a drought. but now, there is too much water in some places. one woman abandoned her car in waist-deep water on a flooded interstate in san antonio. flood watches and warnings are up again tonight across southeast texas. what may have set off a deadly avalanche in france. david martin suits up to find out what's causing f-22 pilots to get sick in flight. and the fish are biting in south carolina, when the "cbs evening news" continues. the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. do you often experience the feeling of a dry mouth? it can be the side effect of many medicatio
in texas and it was so hot just like it is now, the ballpark was the coolest place in town. so we went to see the dodgers farm club team, the fort worth caps and went every night just to stay cool. and so that, you know, once you get the bug, you have got it. harold this is a great year for baseball. we have had some great surprises among the teams, and we have had some great young ball players. i mean, which are the lifeblood of this sport that we all hike. who do you like among these kids this year that we are just learning about? >> well, it really has been a great year i think the number two guy that stand out are mike trout from the angels and obviously bryce harper in your hometown in washington, these two have taken the season by storm, trout 20 years old, harper 19, and i always tell bryce harper when i see him you there justin bieber of baseball, we learned about him on the internet, home run derbies and he has lived up to the hype so that is just a crack in the surface of how many young players we have that have just been unbelievable, this all-star game we have got 30 player
territory. looking to collect $4 million at a handful of fund-raising stops in texas. monday he took in an olympic exhibition basketball game after hammering mitt romney at a town hall in ohio. >> his plan would actually encourage companies to shift more of their operations to foreign tax havens greeting 800,000 jobs in those other countries. >> the president told voters in cincinnati that there have never been to more different visions for the country. >> your the tiebreaker. the choice is up to you. >> mitt romney is campaigning in the swing state of pennsylvania today. trying to take the focus off of his business record and put it on the president's economic record. >> i think it is finally time for us to talk about his record, the failure he has had in being able to create jobs and get rising incomes again. >> some republicans have started to say that these attacks focusing on mitt romney's time as ceo of paint capital are sticking to the gop candidate like velcro. but other mitt romney's supporters say that the polls tell a different story. >> a mitt romney won the nomination de
a booster shot there is in all adults to give back some is the lid down in texas them too young. right now all 8% to two adults get the vaccine dr. john the book cbs news new york. will that happen before you step in the wrong way new approach the bridge toll if you do a fast track for cash you can actually get hit with a $25 fine. reportedly was uncovered a way of too little out of that. the we went to the senate agrees to be short rock. a crash susan larsen and her boyfriend rarely use the bay area bridges the they say it did no there have to be a tall on the bridge. did we we didn't get any toll bridges on the way they're so we assume the way back wouldn't go through any. the didn't have cash to the bridge doesn't take checks are credits to tell me there be a fee. but it did know how much was going to be. turns out as a $25 fee. television may be some but a criminal $25 for television and i couldn't believe it. you don't have any cash just go through the toll plaza it received a violation notice there's room on therefore written explanation vast tracts john gibbons says it cannot repeop
to the test to,,,,, >> scientists at the university of texas are hoping that baby teeth can help them get to the root of autism. many experts believe it is triggered by a combination of genetic and environmental exposure. baby teeth act as a time line allowing researchers to see just about everything a child from a pesticide to medicine. autism affects one in 88 children. when it comes to sunglasses, the more expensive they are, the better for your eyes, right? we wanted to find out for selves and we put 18 pairs of sunglasses to the test. >> when the sun comes out, so do the shades, all kinds at all prices. >> a couple hundred dollars >> under $100 >> $5 >> sunglasses should protect your eyes from damaging uv light >> the lands within your eye ages faster when you have more uv exposure and that can lead to cataracts. >> can make cheap air do the trick? >> probably not >> cbs healthwatch collected 18 pairs of sunglasses that cost anywhere from 2-$200, all claiming to protect 100 percent. we put them in the hands of an optometrist at the merit more in height center at cal. using a speciali
and some of the ones moving former assemblyman chuck the board took off to texas according to washington times reports citing high taxes. >>> today and even republican party. and on his youtube channel assembly in nathan fletcher announced the moves you from republicans and independents. democrats playmaking increasingly conservative national agenda. degrees this is where the grass roots efforts really needs to support them if they have no money is good to give democrats the possibility of winning two- thirds of the house. the equates where some strategists see doom he sees opportunity. democrats of seen the senate and assembly and gov. step and we had nearly 11 percent unemployment. he says it's all a matter of control in the state gop's message. and attract the more multi-cultural following but that is going to take time and money but it's unclear the state gop has. in oakland kristen air cbs five. prior colossi we prelate will assess the river california has more than $2 billion in public funds cutting red and insights the state department of finance says it's more like a billion dol
in 18 hurricane-prone state from texas to maine. florida and virginia earned the highest scoaz, in the 90s out of 100, mississippi the lowest, 4 out of 100. >> a lot of these states do not have statewide building codes. in some places the contractors who do work on your home aren't even license. >> reporter: rochman says higher standard cost very little, on average, 5% more in construction costs. >> not a lot more money. a lot more safety. >> reporter: rebuilding haul's store coast lowes $10 million. one quarter of businesses never reopen their doors after a disaster. >> still to come, a return to the bird's nest of the beijing olympics. my first thoughts were about my wife, and my family. i have the most common type of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but my doctor put me on pradaxa instead to reduce my risk of stroke. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate) reduced stroke risk 35% better than warfarin. and unlike warfarin, with pradaxa, there's no need for regular blood tests. that's really i
-0, that's a called strike to end the game. he struck out seven they win 2- 1. a's face the texas rangers. the second inning crushed by chris carter it is 1-0 now 2-1 in the fifth, drops it were no one is standing to run score both the rangers' lead 3-2 and then josh hamilton the dagger. rangers win it 7-2. the first team to get to 50 wins this season. the scene in north beach italy beat germany all have a chance to celebrate more tomorrow only if they get by spain in the finals tomorrow. 50,000 less at stanford stadium to see the quicksand galaxy. david beckoned uncorks one a free kick and a galaxy led 3-1 before half. the second half along to the quakes from the corner, of the back of this button, takes it through. the quakes come back and when that 4-3. lookit david beck and after the game. maybe he's upset about getting left off the olympic squad for his own country. to great swimmers the 200 i.m., best of the olympic trials matching stroke for stroke coming down the stretch, phelps touch the wall faster than lockheed but both going to london in that event. what we know from a lead st
at the university of texas law michael simon wrote right are nevertheless it hurt it in another minute delay the flight of all was flying over what's to chile and their lead no. i'm, as if it's in the controls you're not catching the autopilot sense of its own magic navigation solution and you can manipulate it left to right upper down. the exercise is in conjunction with the arm of the common security would seem to raise some concerns about vulnerabilities in the domestic use of drones. once you have this silly to have a list of bond but it is believed to way between eight and 900 lbs.. >>> their job is to save lives but tonight's seventh florida lifeguards are out of a job for a decision to rescue a drowning man. tomas lopez police swimmer from the water monday the problem the man was outside the zone that the lifeguard and company is contracted to projects. lopez was fired on the spot. he says he has no regrets. >>> and when my job and went help someone. i'm going to do what i felt was right and i did. and by see anyone regardless of reuter save him on a lifeguard and as a human i'm goi
rain is likely in florida, north carolina and west texas. brief downpours could produce flash flooding in parts of the desert southwest. near triple digit heat in the midwest and plains. >>> in sports, the reds are on a roll. scott roland is one of the reasons why. cincinnati fans arrived looking for a sweep of the cardinals. in the eighth they got what they came for. the game at two, two out. the reds held on for a 4-2 win. a three-game sweep of st. louis. their sixth straight victory. first inning at yankee stadium. a bat went flying into the stands and lookie who comes up with it. spike lee. he pops up places, doesn't he? >> of course, he shows off his swing for the crowd. he got to keep that bat. before that, though, top of the first, angels slugger albert pujols hit a solo home run to put l.a. up by two. minutes later, alex rodriguez tying the score for the yankees with a two-run shot of his own. bottom of the night, the angels up 10-8. a-rod up to bat with the bases loaded. he popped up missing his chance to win the game and to top the great lou gehrig for most grand slams in maj
, it is the 80s if you can tell by the outfits. very nice. >> texas size up thunderstorms last night. the rangers scattered off of the field. they were clearly shook up. the texas manager said " i thought that i was dead ". no harm, it just led to a 46 minute rain delay as players made fun of each other. and back here in san jose. she is certainly the start here and she has an all star soccer events september 22nd on this very field. that will do from here. we will see you, a little bit later on. >> ,, look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day, you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty second, for crying out loud! we know how long a minute is. [ sighs ] sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability, and ways to connect.
the texas rangers and then for against the powerful new york yankees. in july oakland is at 16/0 runs hitting 252 well above the sea is an average, outscoring themselves by 20 runs. the pitching is backing up the headings. what does it all mean? they are just a half-game out of the wild-card race. this is the first year that two teams can advance to the post- season for a wild-card position which gives teams like the a's a lot of hope. >> i don't want to take you back to far but i did interview during your rookie season as the san francisco giants but you have not changed and i have. >> you are not at all. you do not look at all. talk about changing. that is a long time ago. >> that was 1982, your first full season but you have come so far. you are on fire at the plate lately, going power hour with long home runs, what is the difference for the team? >> the guys are realizing their potential. they're starting to play better team baseball. they're picking each other up, and realizing that we can play in this division in this league. we have great pitching. we are always in the ballgame
connection between extreme weather events, like last year's drought in texas, and manmade climate change. a new study found that manmade heat made the texas drought roughly 20 times more likely. >> there definitely is a connection between greenhouse gases and extreme weather. we're seeing very strong evidence to suggest that. not all, but many of the extremes that we're seeing around the planet are being enhanced by greenhouse gases. >> reporter: and every day in this record-setting heat takes more of jeff fischer's crop and his livelihood away. >> it's stressful. it's stressful on myself and my family, my father and i, it's a family farm. and we've watched it go down and down and down. >> reporter: noaa scientists are not saying that climate change causes any specific drought. like the extreme drought going on out west right now in colorado. but they are saying that the science is good enough they can lay odds on the connection. lee and erica? >> wyatt andrews, thank you. >>> security for this month's london olympics is a massive operation, as you can imagine. and on tuesday, some resid
will attend campaign fund-raisers today in texas. here is a disturbing prediction of what would happen if automatic spending cuts taken next year. a study conducted by the aerospace industry says the u.s. would lose 2 million defense domestic jobs. the cuts will take effect unless a bipartisan budget reduction plan can be decided on >> ben bernanke will address lawmakers on capitol hill today as job growth has slumped. on wall street stocks finished lower. the dow lost 49 points. investors hope he will discuss new fed actions to boost the economy. yahoo! has a new boss showing up for first of work today. if former google executive melissa meyer was formally announced as yahoo! new ceo. experts say her experience launching some of google most popular features over 13 years separates her from past leaders. >> she brings a lot of cachet to that job. yahoo! has had a lot of ceos but nobody has had the appeal of her. >> she was the 20th employee hired by google and the first woman. yahoo! hopes that she will make that company more accessible to software engineers and developers >> it was ra
the mothers chance of developing breast cancer. researchers in texas found that women that the leopard babies weighing over 8 lbs. were vulnerable to the increased risk. higher hormone levels and lead to cancer and were discovered in women giving birth to large defense. exercise and eating healthy were encouraged to offset that threat. researchers say a promising new drug may stop the progression of alzheimer's. a small study but the results are noteworthy. for patients were given an antibiotic treatment through an ivy every couple of weeks and after three years they sought a stabilization in memory loss and other symptoms. a more rigorous study is underway with results due in about a year. >> a top airline on damage control this morning. >> the one parking attendant haa >> the one parking attendant haa lot of explaining to do, how he, homicide of young people in america >> the one parking attendant haa lot of explaining to do, how he, has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you
in texas. one player tweeted, it was so loud he thought jesus was coming. he must not be living right. after a rain delay, the game went 13 innings, but the rangers beating minnesota 4-3. >>> pittsburgh floods their way to the first place in the national central division. racked up 17 hits against san francisco including three home runs. the pirates left the giants 13-2. left the break winning 10 of the last 12 games. >>> heads up. this foul ball is coming right at you. minor leaguer will myers fouled this back in the game in kansas city. as you can see, the ball completely shattered the lens. that made me duck in the studio. myers had three rbis. they won, 17-5. >>> when we come back, a character for the ages. remember oscar winning actor ernest borgnine famous for his hard nose roles on both the big and small screens. for his hard nose roles on the big and small screens. bthe big and small screens. othe big and small screens. the big and small screens. the big and small screens. i'm a marathon runner, in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the c
started. >> she came to denver from texas, wanted to start a career for herself in the media business and go on to bigger things. >> she loved sports. hockey in particular. she was working to become a reporter. adrian dieter was a men r mentor. >> you knew something was there. there was a spark in her. >> her boyfriend is a minor league hockey player in colorado. after learning of her death, he tweeted 140 could never do you justice. nor could all the words in this world. never wanted to fall asleep because it meant missing time with you. >> she would make friends with anybody she could. she would step up and offer herself to anybody. >> eerily, almost unbelievely, jessica was involved in a recent shooting at a toronto mall last month when a gunman shot five people. she was standing in the very spot just minutes before. jessica blogged about that experience writing, "i say all the time that every moment we have to live our life is a blessing. every hug from a family member, every laugh we share with friends. even the times in solitude are all blessings. every second of every day is a
thunderstorms will range across much of the southeast while texas and the southern plains will have triple digit highs. the northeast and the west coast will be sunny. >>> in sports this morning, you could say that lin-sanity is back. jeremy lin, an overnight sensation is reported to have agreed to a four-year, $19.5 million contract offer from the houston rockets. this could get complicated. the free agent point guard can sign the offer sheet with houston next wednesday after which the knicks have three days to match it. if they do, lin has to stay in new york. >>> serena williams heading to the women's finals at wimbledon. for the seventh time. the four-time champion made short work of her competitor. she overpowered the number two seed with 24 -- 24 aces. to win it 6-3, 6-6. on saturday, she will face poland for the championship. >>> to baseball. orioles at the angels. baltimore took a lead on the second inning on back-to-back homers by reynolds and flaherty. two innings later,' three run shot made it 7-3 orioles. they took the lead when morales smacked a single to left. the final angels 9, o
'm 19 now, as in texas are taking a new approach to autism. they are studying baby teeth. it will be granted them into proper order, made into the quid and gas. it can reveal, such as pesticide spirit >>> it's been done by looking at blood or hair analysis, but that stress is a snapshot in time over recent exposure. >>> when a team is forming, it forms a record of where you're exposed to >>> many scientists believe genetic as postions true triggers optimism. belichick said dia shows us a eight pitcher from sacred heart in san jose. a lot of them lined up last night. in his for the 10th annual back in thought. it will provide students with a backpack filled with the schools of widespread >>> under 30 come and very rich. forbes has a list of people that description. and number three is senior riyadh met at 33 million. flood into one warrant, he better pitch well. the ultimatum for tim will lead to come >>> i think it should take all the uniforms, but the men and a big pile and burn ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if th
, raphael furcal ended with an rbi single to give st. louis a 3-2 victory. >>> in arlington, texas, red sox second baseman pedroia hit a home run. but the rangers took back the lead. in the eighth a homer by right fielder nelson cruz. gave the rangers a 5-3 margin that held up for the win. >>> in london, members of team usa have chosen center mariel zagunis, a two-time gold medalist, to care the flag in the opening ceremonies. meanwhile, competition is under way in women's soccer. the u.s. trailed france early. the game was tied at 2 before the half. they scored twice again in the second half to give the defending olympic champions a 4-2 victory. at another women's soccer match, an olympic size flag flap or fail involving north korea. when the north koreans were introduced in glasgow, scotland, their photos were accompanied by the south korean flag. not good. olympic officials apologized but outraged north korean team officials delayed the game for more than an hour. the north korean women won that one 2-0. >>> when we come back on a thursday, more coverage of the olympics. including a smog
it into the dealership. and the average price for a led it is $3.41. the current san jose and is 373. a texas man has been reunited with a stolen car 40 years later. it was still live in philadelphia way back in 1970. after years of searching, he actually found the car on ebay. someone was selling and out of east l.a.. he paid it three gramm for the car, it's now worth 23,000. it's a nice looking car, no wonder he wants about >>> and jason kidd was arrested over the weekend, more on that. >>> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if your jus, here's a guy or nine. temperatures where are going to be cooler, only. we're looking at live pictures near waverly and washington. earlier report say it may have been a home invasion. we'll bring you details in just a few minutes. >>> aids was considered a death sentence three decades ago parad. nba star jason kidd was arrested for 80 you right after crashing his as uv. kid refuse to take a breathalyzer test. on thursday kid finalized a deal with the new york next. check it out, cleveland indians played. kate and loaded up with food, he catches up its right between his legs with
a summer of extreme weather. a line of fast-moving and powerful storms stretched all the way from the texas/mexico border to new england knocking out power to more than 200,000 people and grounding hundreds of flights. shocks of lightning lit up the sky over new york city as the storm sped eastward. the system did its worst damage in el myra, new york, docking down trees and power lines and shredding the roof off a nearby barn. the national weather service is looking into the possibility that a tornado touched down. in cleveland, four workers were hurt when high winds knocked around the scaffolding they were working on. they were ten stories up when the storm blew through. they were forced to smash the building's windows to get to safety. thursday's storm bore striking similarities to the one that battered the midwest and mid-atlantic late last month. >> the fast-moving storm, it was a large cold front that traveled eastward and that's what we saw earlier today. the phenomenon is called a derecho. it's pretty rare to see something like this. >> the storm ended a dry spell in northeastern oh
been a terrible accident in texas involving a single pickup truck. 14 people were killed. it's hard to imagine, but there ire 23 people in the truck-- galtly illegal immigrants. apappears a bad tire forced for off the road near san fftonio. the police believe it was a smuggling operation bringing people up from mexico. syria is warning the world that it is prepared to use chemical weapons. a massive fire guts an american uclear sub and it was no accident. and gabrielle giffords reaches new heights in her recovery. when the "cbs evening news" continues. i never meant to... sleep in my contacts. relax... air optix® night & day aqua contact lenses are approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear, so it's okay to sleep in them. visit for a free 1-month trial. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is withou
and even bigoted and still loved by an audience. he died this week in el paso, texas at his home. he was 74 years old. >>> coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the olympic-sized mess out of the london games. plus, best selling author emily giffin. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." emily give in. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. no you don't, honey. yes, you do! don't! i've washed a few cupcake tins in my day... oh, so you're a tin expert now. is that... whoa nelly! hi, kitchen counselor here. he's actually right... with cascade complete. see cascade complete pacs work like thousands of micro-scrubbing brushes to help power away tough foods even in corners and edges. so, i was right, right? i've gotta run. more households use cascade dishwashin
in texas and her brother jordan wants people to remember her name. >> i want her name to be remembered, or another victim's name, and remember what they stood for and what their life meant. >> she wrote a blog about hockey in denver and internet. station and got a lot of attention on youtube when an interview on the ice went wrong. she was always sending text messages and on twitter last night, she joked about dragging friends to a midnight show and lamented about waiting 20 minutes more for the show to start. it was the last 20 minutes of her life. her boyfriend remembered her on twitter like this " 140 characters could never do you justice, nor could all the words in this world, never wanted to fall asleep because it meant missing time with you ". >> and that is the cbs evening news for tonight. we will be back with the very latest on the shooting on a special cbs news program tonight at 8:00, 7 central time. from all of us at cbs news all around the world, i am scott pelly in our rural colorado and i will see you soon. >> and, good evening. >> tonight, renewed calls for stricter gun
hail are likely from southern texas to the carolinas. the northeast and midwest will be dry except for thunderstorms in the ohio valley. in the west, isolated thunderstorms could cause flash flooding from southeastern california to montana. >>> and in sports, pre-olympics basketball in las vegas. team usa versus the dominican republic. the nba superstars dominated, including lebron james an alley oop on a pass from darrin williams. kevin durant's three-point jumper, part of his 24 of the night. carmelo anthony's jam in the third as the nba doubled the dominican score, 113-59. they will lose blake griffin out of the olympics with injury. >>> not all olympic competitors have two legs. some use four. for hundreds of years, for actually 100 years, the elegant horse and rider event called dressage has been part of the olympics. this year, even in london, the u.s. team can't escape entirely from politics at home. a horse linked to mitt romney and his wife will be in the mix. randall pinkston reports. >> jan ebeling used to be afraid of horses, but now the german-born rider and his horse,
to resume flying today. in texas a jet blue airways pilot who left the cockpit during a flight and screamed about terrorists have been found not guilty by reason of insanity. the judge noted that he suffered from severe mental disease or defect. he was charged with interfering with the flight crew. passengers wrestled him to the floor after he ran through the plane's cabin >> a human-rights group said today that syria is torturing its own citizens. they released a report today that says that syrian security forces are running more than two dozen torture centers. the report says that even children are being tortured. ron said today that it has lost several missiles in the military exercise. their official news agency says they were longrange variety capable of hitting u.s. assets in the persian gulf and that they did hit their targets. today the new york times reports that the u.s. has moved reinforcements into the persian gulf to deter any attempt of iran to close the strait of hormuz >> a new hiv kit could hit the shelves as early as this fall. the first of its kind test can detect the aid
introduced this year in austin texas and savannah georgia. in other transportation news you will not need to go to the front of the bus to get on muni anymore. san francisco transit system has put it all before boarding policy place in tomorrow. it basically lets people board from the back or the front in the idea is to make easier for people who actually need to deal with the driver to get up there and deal with the driver. taking a look at the weather, we have fog around the bay area this morning but hopefully that will clear out and give way to sunny skies. >> this is the beginning of the warming trend that will last through the week. a live look outside right now, you can see some of the cloud studying the area. 60s around most of the bay area. santa rosa checking in at 62 degrees. >> we're starting off with fog and low clouds along the shoreline. it was foggy through the golden gate bridge yesterday morning and afternoon. with a low clouds around this morning, the forecast is for temperatures to come down a little bit. nothing dramatic, just not quite as warm as it was yesterday. wit
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